Podcast: Ep. 20 | Karen Hoskin Montanya Rum

by Frank Konsella

In this episode’s “Crested Butte real estate minute”, Karen discussed the challenges of employee housing, but also some of the successful projects in the area.

We also discussed collaboration between distillers, wine makers, and others, which is quite similar to what’s going on in the craft beer industry (see episode 10- Dave Nornes of Irwin Brewing). On top of that, Karen is an advocate for her employees, many of whom have been able to purchase property locally, and have gone on to start their own businesses.  She’s also making Montanya as green as it can be- minimizing waste wherever possible.  And since that isn’t enough on her plate, so also started Zoetica, which aims to reduce waste by selling kits with life’s daily essentials.

Listen to the podcast here!

Karen HoskinWinter 2019