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Social Responsibility

Community Giving


We live and distill in a small, mountain town where the community values the outdoors, the arts, providing services and support to those in need, and staying connected to the wider world. We do too, so when it comes to community giving, we keep that in mind. Our community is right outside our door, and it stretches across the globe.


Supporting the Nonprofit Community


We moved Montanya Distillers to Crested Butte in 2011 because we believed the community would support our business and our vision for the future. We were right.

The people of Crested Butte are among our biggest fans, and running the Tasting Room and Distillery in a tourist destination introduces our rums to so many new people.

It’s only right to show our appreciation and return the love.

We give to our community (and our industry) through cash and in-kind donations, and by sponsoring events and organizations.


We support causes that our employees care about too.

Our giving has included the arts, outdoor recreation, environmental advocacy, women’s safety, child wellbeing, and local food production.

We give to such a wide variety of causes because we want to help our community thrive—each of these things is integral to a prosperous community.

As our company grows, our giving will too. Because how we do business will always be as important as doing business.


Where We Give


How We Give


Inspiring Sustainable Living

Reducing and eliminating that trash is one way to reduce your environmental impact without waiting for corporations or lawmakers to lead the way.

We provide office space, a show room, and staff support to this venture because it’s in line with our mission to eliminate landfill-bound waste from the company.

We support our global community through two social responsibility companies started by our founders. Karen and a friend started Zoetica to provide well-designed, thoughtful alternatives to single-use trash, especially plastic.

Americans discard more than 30 million tons of plastic every year, and only 8% gets recycled.


Inspired by travel

Ganesha Cookstove Project


Montanya Co-founder Brice Hoskin is something of an inventor. He gets an idea and then gets to work (just ask him about Mountain Boy Sledworks sometime).

As a backpacker, he became interested in lightweight, wood-burning stoves. The best, most efficient stoves were too heavy for backpacking, so he saw a niche to fill and set to work.

Along the way, he realized there was also a niche for this type of stove in Nepal—a place that he, Karen and the family had visited.

In fact, he and Karen once stayed in a family’s home where the wife cooked over a fire inside. Their generosity was incredible, but so was the smoke.

Inspired, Brice founded the Genesha Cookstove Project and worked with nonprofit partners to have Nepalese families test his prototypes. He’s now working to distribute those stoves in Nepal.

Montanya Distillers has been honored to aid in those efforts, and we’re excited to see where they lead.


The Ganesha Cookstove Project created a lightweight, efficient stoves for Nepalese families.


Environmental Sustainability

Gender Diversity at Montanya

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