Women’s Distillery Guild and Women of the Vine & Spirits Join Forces to Take on the World


By Distillery Trail Posted October 31, 2018 In Blog

The spirits industry is made up of many colorful characters. Women have been a part of the industry in one way or another all along though rarely as the face of the brand but that’s changing. In fact, way back in 1953, Maker’s Mark, one of the world’s most famous whiskey brands owes it iconic dripping red wax and several other Maker’s trademarks to Margie Samuels. Could you imagine Maker’s without that wax? Margie was recognized for her efforts in 2014 when she was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame. As the world of craft spirits continues to grow more women entrepreneurs are taking on more roles in the distilling business including titles like founder, owner and master distiller.

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