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Taking Care of Our Own

Employment Practices


We love our staff, so much so that we’ll say it again: We love our people. Montanya employs 27 people across ethnicities, gender and generation—though many are Millennials and Generation Z. We don’t understand why they get a bad rap! They are hard-working, smart, well-educated, committed to quality and supportive of each other. They believe in the company and we couldn’t do it without them. We consider it our responsibility and our privilege to create opportunity for a diverse group of individuals and help them thrive as they help us do the same.


Hiring a Qualified and Diverse Team


We are an equal opportunity employer that recruits exceptional staff without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics, sexual preference, status as transgendered, etc.

We know a lot of companies say that, but we work hard to make sure that our hiring practices break local norms (Crested Butte is 96.53% White).

At Montanya, you’ll find women across all positions of the company, including distilling and management. (More than half of the rum we have ever made is distilled by women.)


And when we say that some of our staff are Hispanic, that doesn’t mean they’re all working in the dish pit (in fact, none of our Hispanic staff work the dish pit). Everyone at Montanya does the dishes, whether they’re a manager or an hourly wage employee.

Our goal is always to introduce and maintain gender and ethnic diversity throughout the company, and to outperform our community demographics.

While we can always do better, we’re glad to be on the right track and offer CB locals the chance to have a job they love in the place they want to be.



Front of House of Color


Back of house of Color



Management of Color


management is female


Ethnicities Represented


Taking Care of Our Own

We work hard to pay higher than average wages and keep staff employed year round in a tourist-driven economy. We provide benefits for full-time employees, including health insurance, retirement, disability, life insurance, dental and vision and hospitalization. We help with the cost of ski passes, provide a supportive vacation policy (full-time employees receive paid vacation) and create a work environment that supports parenting. We are in the process of expanding these benefits.

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