Montanya Distillers is nestled high in the Rocky Mountains at 9000 ft. in the charming town of Crested Butte, Colorado. Our high alpine location makes great sense for making rum, since the altitude positively affects almost every aspect of fermenting, distilling and aging rum. Our non-GMO sugar cane comes from family farmers in Louisiana, who grow and mill for us. Our water comes from one of the purest spring and snowmelt charged aquifers in the USA. We are 100% wind powered and carbon offset. Our Montanya Rums are made by hand, from scratch, in a very traditional way using alembic copper pot stills from Portugal. We sell rum in most US States, in Canada, the EU and overseas.  We offer daily tours, tastings and a full rum bar with artisan cocktails, farm-fresh appetizers and small plates 7 days a week. We host wonderful live music on many evenings during the ski and summer seasons, and we have a gift/bottle shop on site. Come by to experience Montanya Distillers!   

Check out these short documentary videos about Montanya Distillers!

A glimpse into life at Montanya Distillers, our rum bar, and our distillery.

When you start a craft distillery, you can choose to make 100 different spirits. Why did Montanya choose rum?

A bit about what we believe about gender diversity and being a welcoming work environment in a Colorado ski town.

A lot more detail on how we make our rum, where, why, on what kind of equipment.