Three handcrafted rums from Montanya Distillers - Platino, Oro and Exclusiva

Montanya Distillers makes four craft-distilled rums: Montanya Platino, Montanya Oro, Montanya Exclusiva, and Montanya Anniversaria, our limited 10th Anniversary release. Our rums are handcrafted from traceable American ingredients by us at our distillery in Crested Butte, Colorado.  

All of our rums are distilled from family-grown, non-GMO minimally processed sugar cane from Belle Rose, Louisiana. We age each style of our rum, including the light rum, in American White Oak barrels that previously held Colorado whiskey. Our limited-edition Exclusiva is also finish aged in French Oak barrels. We proof and bottle our spirits with well water from deep in the Rocky Mountains, from a well 350 feet under our bottling facility in Crested Butte. This well water is pulled from a snow melt and spring-charged aquifer which is free of heavy metals and filled with flavorful minerals. It has never been treated with chlorine, fluoride or reverse osmosis filtration. We use 100 gallon, all-copper Alembic pot stills from Portugal. Our rums contain only four ingredients: American sugar cane, Colorado mountain water, yeast, and a tiny touch of Colorado honey from honey bees near our distillery. No flavorings, no additives, no glycerine or glycol. Just all-natural, craft-distilled, honest American rum. Click here to download a detailed PDF information sheet.  

Check out these short videos of our operations in Crested Butte:

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