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RUm On a mission

Bottle by bottle and person by person, we are changing paradigms.

Premium Rum · Gender Diversity · Environmental Sustainability · Community Giving


Female Founded.
Female Owned.

Karen Hoskin had her first taste of rum in Goa, India. The idea to make it herself solidified on a beach in Belize. She built the distillery in the Rocky Mountains, and we now ship rum to 44 states and 7 countries (and growing). This female-owned American rum is globally inspired—and on a path to change the way people think about rum.


Making a Difference

B Corp Certified

We love rum and great rum cocktails. We care about the planet and our communities even more. We’re not satisfied by making good rum—how we do it matters so much too, along with the impact we have on the way.

Bicycles and a lamp post in front of Montanya Distillers tasting room and distillery in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Rum Cocktail Recipes

We’ve never been big on secrets. Instead of treating our artisan cocktails like proprietary information, we’d rather share them with you!

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