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Changing the Way Rum is Sold


Changing the Way Rum is Sold

In February of 2019, Montanya Distillers launched two new partnerships that brought our rums to France and Chicago. Of course we’re excited, but for more reasons than you might think: both of these new partners are changing the way spirits are sold, which is great for consumers and makes it easier to find the spirits you love!


Elevate your winter cocktails and save some dough.

Elevate your winter cocktails and save some dough.

There’s nothing like warming up with a hot cocktail on a winter day. This two-volume set of cocktail recipe books includes plenty of cold-weather recipes, including a Montanya twist on Bulletproof Coffee. Click to learn more (and try out that coffee recipe).

Montanya Distillers Becomes the First Distillery in Colorado to be Named a Certified B Corporation®


Montanya Distillers Becomes the First Distillery in Colorado to be Named a Certified B Corporation®

Montanya Distillers is proud to announce it is now a Certified B Corporation®. The distinction honors the rum distillery’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Montanya received a score of 119 from B Lab® , a nonprofit that certifies and supports B Corporations. This certification makes Montanya Distillers the first distillery in Colorado to become a B Corp™ and the third in the country. Montanya’s score is currently 32% higher than other distilleries on the list. A celebration is set at the Distillery for November 29th at 6pm with free appetizers and all locally-sourced cocktails.


Montanya's glass bottle supplier receives "Cradle to Cradle" environmental certification


Montanya's glass bottle supplier receives "Cradle to Cradle" environmental certification

One of the major reasons Montanya Distiller’s has chosen Owens Illinois as our bottle supplier is O-I's commitment to assessing, improving and minimizing its environmental impacts in the production of glass.  O-I was the first beverage packing company in the world to become certified under the Cradle to Cradle certification program, which is incredibly difficult to achieve.


Montanya Distillers Partners with terrapass® to Fight Climate Change and Offset its Carbon Emissions


Montanya Distillers Partners with terrapass® to Fight Climate Change and Offset its Carbon Emissions

Crested Butte, Colo., May 15, 2018– Montanya Distillers, a craft rum distillery located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, takes another step to integrate sustainability into every aspect of its business. The distillery has partnered with terrapass® to offset its carbon emissions from distilling, business travel, outgoing freight and inbound shipping. 

Through the partnership, Montanya is offsetting about 52 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) this year. The offset will help fund a Forest Management Project, which absorbs and stores about 2,500 more metrics tons of CO2each year than neighboring forests. This project is equivalent to taking about 550 cars off the road each year. The sale of carbon offsets is a critical way the forest is funded since it doesn’t rely on taxpayer money. 


Montanya Distillers Celebrates 10 Years!

Montanya Distillers Celebrates 10 Years!

Ten years ago this month, in the tiny Colorado mountain town of Silverton, in an 800 square-foot stone building that was a brothel a hundred years ago, Karen and Brice Hoskin hatched a crazy idea to start a craft rum distillery called Montanya Distillers.  




Thanksgiving is coming! We're giving you TEN days of discounts to help celebrate the coming holiday. Participate in five of ten discounts and win a night out on us! 


Taking on distribution in the EU!


Taking on distribution in the EU!

About four years ago, folks from Europe began asking how to get Montanya Rums.  Needless to say, we thought this was really cool and wanted to give them all the yeses in the world.  But then the roadblocks began cropping up, more by the day, until we were just about ready to throw in the towel.  


Montanya now Certified Green Business

Montanya now Certified Green Business

Green America has recently certified Montanya Distillers as a Green Business!

The Green Business Certification is awarded to businesses that are "values driven," socially equitable, accountable with "radical transparency," and environmentally responsible in sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, and daily operations. Customers can feel confident that businesses with this certification operate in ways "that support workers, communities, and protect the environment."

JUICED FRESH at Montanya Distillers

JUICED FRESH at Montanya Distillers

For more than eight years, Montanya Distillers has been juicing up a variety of incredibly fresh fruits, citrus and ginger for our cocktail program. We bottle and sell these ingredients for our customers to take home, so they can enjoy what we offer at home. 

Redesign Mastermind


Redesign Mastermind

Jared Jacob of Sunday Lounge helped Montanya Distillers to completely rebrand the company from the ground up, including new packaging, logo, signage, and company identity.  Learn a bit more about Jared and his amazing talents. 




It is shaping up to be quite a season of live music at Montanya Distillers, played by talented and original musicians, some are from our own back yard, some from as far afield as Equador.  

All shows are 6-9pm, family friendly, no cover charge, original music.  Don't come expecting cover bands.  :)

Handmade Moments (Anna And Joel)May 21st: Handmade Moments, 6-9pm  Fayetteville, Arkansas

One of our favorites!  Their music is deeply soulful and reminiscent of 20s dance hall hits and viper era jazz with some Beatboxing. Modern and fresh; Joel and Anna’s songwriting contains a subtle and humble vibe. Alto sax, ukelele and more.

Miss Emily and Tony Rosario

May 23-24th, Miss Emily and Tony Rosario 6-9pm, Grand Junction/Denver

Sultry, soulful and powerhouse vocal harmonies, original sound, blues, R&B, strong guitar rhythms.   

Free the Honey

June 11th and July 9th: Free the Honey, 6-9pm, Crested Butte, Colorado

Someday when these guys were enormously famous, we will get to say they were once our "house band". They will wow the whole world one day, but for now, we get to host them.  3 part harmonies, ever-changing instruments, über talent, and original music.  

June 13th: Erin and the Project, 6-9pm, Missoula, MT

Erin and the Project

Combines soul, r&b, blues, jazz, and alternative rock to create a unique SoulTernative genre. This dynamic act features powerhouse female vocals and driving rhythms that will leave you in the afterglow.  Click here to listen.

June 19th, Peter Jong Chang, 6-9pm, San Francisco

Hot guitar rhythms from many genres, original and instrumental.

THE CHUCKLESS WAGONSJune 20th, The Chuckless Wagons, 6-9pm  Crested Butte, CO

The acoustic alter-ego of Ryan Herr and TylerLucas from local ski-funk band band Mine Control. Their music is stripped down and acoustic featuring mandolin and guitar. Sharing a love for musical conversation, their playful weaving of trickling melodies and pulsing rhythms will put the groove in your grass. They perform a range of traditional music from classic American troubadours and add a Crested Butte twist consistent with the unique character only found above 8,000 feet in the West Elk Mountains. Joining them is Mollie Hull, who contributes her venerable vocal harmonies and guitar playing.

June 25th, July 2nd, August 19th, Rachel van Slyke,


Soulful vocals and guitar, a strong musical talent from Nashville singing in many genres from country to Americana and alternative.    

Ben Powell

June 26th, Ben Powell, 6-9pm  San Diego, CA  Ben Powell makes his way through this world like a one man band of years past, but with a fresh, new, vibrant sound. Ben has created a truly unique sound playing his resonator guitars, stomping on a homemade winebox footboard, playing rack-harmonica, and singing his old style blues and his original tunes about any issues of the day. 

June 28th, Sweetwater String Band, 6-9pm, High Sierras, CA SweetwaterStringBand delivers an original highly danceable bluegrass sound featuring cello, mandolin, guitar, and upright bass.

July 1-2, Ryan Flores, 6-9pm  Ontario, CanadaRYAN FLORES

This performer has been one of our absolute favorites of the last year.  He is wildly talented!!!  Ryan is an independent musician, singer, and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. He is well known for his veryuplifting, honest, and relatable original music, most of which revolve around the genres of pop, R & B, acoustic, and some contemporary folk. We like to think of him as Balkan vamp.  He is mainly inspired by artists who sing on a more inspirational, personal, and original level.

GYPSY JAZZ SOCIAL CLUBJuly 11th, August 15th: Gypsy Jazz Social Club, 6-9pm

An ever evolving lineup of spectacularly talented local musicians playing an original yet familiar set of Gypsy Jazz with a world sound.    

July 24th, Kyle T, 6-9pm  Durango, CO

KYLE TKyle T or Kyle Dewitt Tischler is a 21 year old Country artist from Carnesville, Georgia, currently based out of Durango, CO area, who started playing music at age 6 after hearing the famous "Hank Williams" song, "Hey Good Looking". Kyle has a versatile style heavily influenced by country music.  His deep voice and skill on the guitar make him versatile to take on any genre he chooses. 

July 30, Michael Shay Trio, 6-9pm  Quito, Equador

With the nuance of a classically-trained musician, the grit of a musical globe-trotter, and just enough twang to know he's from Texas, Michael Shay's folk and alt-country songwriting sensibilities reflect a vision comfortably outside any "Americana" box while poetically evoking his earliest influences: Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young, Dylan, and the Dead.

Born in Austin, currently based in Quito, Ecuador, Michael Shay has spent twenty years exploring countless musical traditions in far-flung countries, which finally him back to performing his own rootsy Americana originals as part of the trio that will visit Montanya.

Michael Shay Trio

July 31, Candy Lee, 6-9pm   Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Candy Lee is an award winning, "golden voiced" singer/songwriter who combines her love for folk, jazz, and indie music to create her own original style. The first thing you'll notice when you hear Candy Lee is her voice- timeless, entrancing, and ethereal. She pulls you in with her sweet, catchy melodies and moving music, but it is her smart, creative lyrics that deserve a second listen.


August 1st (and sponsored by Montanya Distillers at the Crested Butte Arts Festival Caravan Bar!)

Roma Ransom, 6-9pm (and at other times through the weekend)  from Colorado Springs, CO

Grace Easley and Gordon Lewis have been playing music together now for almost two years. They met in Springfield, Missouri while Grace Easley and her friend were busking and Gordon showed up in a pedicab with a banjo. After this, the two got to know each other and went on to become Roma Ransom, which has an original gypsy caravan sound.  

August 8th, The Clarks, 6-9pm  Boulder, CO THE CLARKS

Original semi-acoustic folk, blues and rock. THE CLARKS is a Boulder-based trio, named for CLARK’S QUARK (n.), a theoretical but as yet undiscovered subatomic particle postulated by the great Polish/Native American physicist Clark Blzgyqzckrpgvki (Indian name ‘Empty Vial’), whose anticipated properties are (i) it is destroyed at the same instant it is created and (ii) when placed in a solution of alcohol and stimulated by energy emits coherent sound waves of unimaginable power and beauty. Along with the Higgs Boson, discovery of the Clark’s Quark is one of the last great problems in modern physics.



Montanya Platino wins highest honor at World Rum Awards

Crested Butte, Colo., May 5, 2015 – Montanya Distillers has received another high honor for its Platino light rum, which has been named ‘Best White Rum’ at this year’s World Rum Awards in England. Platino is aged in American oak, filtered, and blended with Colorado mountain spring water. It offers notes of honey and vanilla with a smooth medium body, making it perfect for mixing in light cocktails like Mojitos and Daiquiris, or sipping.

The judging at the 2015 World Rum Awards consisted of three rounds, conducted by internationally renowned spirits experts, including master distillers, spirits buyers and taste experts.

Judges noted the rum’s aromas of white liquorice, dried fruit, and vanilla ice cream. They also referred to it as an American cream soda with flavors of vanilla and chocolate, earthy characteristics and a touch of smoke.

 “To compete against top rums from around the world and win this honor is a humbling experience,” said Karen Hoskin, president and co-founder of Montanya Distillers. “We are making American rum in the Colorado mountains and using elevation to our advantage, but our process is still a bit of a novelty.  To receive this worldwide praise is a tremendous seal of approval and vote of confidence.”

In addition to this award from World Rum Awards, Montanya’s Platino has won two other “Best in Class” designations including the Rum XP Competition, and six Gold medals including from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

To learn more about Montanya rums, the Montanya distillery and their tasting room, visit or like Montanya on Facebook at

About Montanya Distillers

Montanya Distillers, located in Crested Butte, Colo., is a craft rum distillery in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Its distilling process uses old-world artisan traditions, combining science with art. By using just four natural American ingredients, Montanya has created aged rums that have been awarded 18 Gold and Silver medals in international competitions. These rums reflect both Montanya Distillers’ mountain culture and a new American rum tradition. Montanya produces Platino Light Rum and Oro Dark Rum and was named the 2013 Craft Distillery of the Year by the American Distilling Institute. Learn more at



How to Propose a Bartender or Bar Team for the Montanya Mixology Series

Montanya Distillers has launched a blog feature that will highlight some of the most innovative people creating and serving Montanya Rum cocktails from around the USA. Do you know of a bartender or bar program that is knocking it out of the park with cocktails made with Montanya rum? 

Please send an email to with the names and contact info of the proposed bartender or program. Nominations may be made by anyone, including the bartender or manager themselves. We will consider this person or group for our monthly Mixology Series feature!

To check out a feature, click here.

Once we select a participant, we would need to obtain the following items:

·      Name of bartender(s)/team/manager being featured

·      Title(s) (if applicable)

·      Years of bartending experience

We will ask the bartender or the bar team a series of questions about their work and their interactions with our brand as part of the feature.

We will also request photos and resources to compliment the feature.

What's in it for the bartender or bar team? 

In addition to tremendous digital promotion, Montanya Distillers will host the featured bartender (plus 1-3) or the featured team (up to 4) for a detailed distillery tour, cocktail tasting, and an evening of complimentary cocktails and farm-to-table appetizers at Montanya Distillers in Crested Butte, Colorado.

We will provide up to two rooms of lodging (2 Queen or King beds per room) at The Grand Lodge in CB for a night.

The date would be included in the blog post and we would help support it through local event calendar promotion and through our social media networks. 

So let us know who we should be celebrating!

Email a nomination!



Celebrating 6 years of Montanya Rum

Blooming Where We Are Planted

Posted on 11/04/2014 at

- 10:47am

Blooming Where We Are Planted

By Karen Hoskin

Three-and-a-half years ago, the Hoskin family pulled up every stake we had set down over a decade and relocated two adults, two children and two companies to Crested Butte. In transit, we looked like the Clampetts of “The Beverly Hillbillies,” except Granny and Jed didn't come along and our dog passed away on the eve of our departure.

We made five trips with an overloaded trailer for the house and some immeasurable number of trips from Silverton with the equipment, supplies and inventory of Montanya Distillers and Mountain Boy Sledworks (the latter company we sold in August 2012). The trailers had stills and sleds, skis and bikes poking out in all directions. It was, we knew from the first moment we unpacked in Crested Butte, one of the best decisions of our lives.

Karen and Brice Hoskin and Montanya's bottling warehouse

Karen & Brice Hoskin

Today, Montanya Distillers occupies two commercial buildings (5,200 square feet in total) in Crested Butte and has grown our rum sales from distribution in 15 states in the USA to distribution in 39 states and 5 countries overseas. Visits to our tasting room and bar have increased by thousands of people every year just by being on the main street of downtown. We played a game of hopscotch on Elk Avenue trying to find the right building on the right block, but in November 2013 we settled in at 212 Elk Avenue.  We knew immediately it was going to be our HQ for a long time to come.

Montanya Rum Tasting Room in Downtown Crested Butte, CO

Tasting room at 212 Elk Avenue

We now employ 11 locals in year-round jobs and regularly engage five local companies to do our accounting, payroll, cleaning, plumbing, engineering and architecture.  Coming from Silverton, we knew it was luxurious to find so much talent in a tiny mountain town. This family of employees and subcontractors is one of our greatest pleasures because so many people tried to warn us it would be hard to find good people in a seasonal mountain town. We found not good people but great people to work with us at every level of our company. They give Montanya its joie de vivre every day.

Some folk said the town regulations would be hard to handle and navigate. Instead, we found a group of town employees and elected officials committed to local business development and willing to help us wade through the compliance that comes with any new and unusual business like a local distillery, Crested Butte's first.        

Our rum has now accumulated 18 gold and silver medals, as well as two Best in Class and a Distillery of the Year designation from some of the country's most well respected trade organizations. We hope to bring this pride home from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Crested Butte because Crested Butte contributes so much to making our rum great: incredible water, great people and ideal facilities. 

This month, we celebrate 6 years of making rum in Colorado.  Cheers to many more years to come and enjoy our many hand-crafted rum cocktail recipes, including The Hottanya below, which is perfect for the upcoming winter season.

Montanya's signature winter cocktail- the Hottanya

The Hottanya

2 to 3 Big Spoonfuls of Hottanya Mix (see recipe below)

3 oz. Montanya Oro Rum

Fill a mug with hot water, rum and Hottanya mix or warm together on stovetop to make piping hot. Stir, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Hottanya Mix 

1 quart Vanilla Ice Cream (use best quality available)

1 lb. Salted Butter 

1 lb. Brown Sugar 

1 lb. Confectioners Sugar

Soften ice cream and mix all ingredients in a blender or a bowl with a durable mixer. This makes a large batch that can be stored up to 4 months in a freezer.

Karen Hoskin is president of Montanya Distillers, which she owns with her husband, Brice. She plays a strong role in choosing distilling cuts and selecting spirits that are ready to bottle from the barrel and participates in and helps manage the bottling lines. She also handles national sales and marketing, product development, mixology and the busy rum bar.

Photos: By Nathan Bilow

- See more at:



Gift Baskets now available with Montanya Rum!

The 877Spirits website features a beautiful gift basket called “The Colorado Cocktail Kit”, which includes a bottle of Montanya Oro dark rum, a wood muddler, cocktail cherries, simple syrup and bitters traveler’s set presented in a classy wooden chest. Prices listed on the site include gift packaging and shipping or delivery nationwide.  “We have had so many requests from customers to ship our rum and to offer holiday gift baskets.  We are incredibly excited to partner with 877Spirits because they are experts at getting spirits gifts to customers.  Their expertise lets us stay focused where we should be, on making great rum,” 




Okay, we promise, we are not moving buildings for at least another 5 years!  But when you see it, you will understand why it was worth the huge project we just undertook.  :)  

The new Distillery and Tasting Room at 212 Elk Avenue is a truly spectacular space.  Here are just a few of its attributes that we love and did not have in the Powerhouse:  concrete floors, sprinklers, a crawl space that you might want to live in (one electrician: "you could rent that out to a bunch of ski bums and they would love it!"), Cat5 wired in the walls, an alley, trash and recycling dumpsters out back, windows that get clean when you wash them, insulation, hood systems with warmed makeup air, a fire alarm system that sends you a text message, plumbing from this millennium...the list goes on and on and on.  We even have a children's play nook with toys, books and stuffies.  It just works. Come check it all out!  

We have a new giftstore with tons of cool merchandise like new t-shirts, glassware, flasks, recipe books, bar tools, some of our most popular cocktail housemade ingredients for sale, fancy tonic, ginger beer and other mixers, and more for all your holiday shopping pleasure.  You can even custom design a gift basket.  

Our new menu features new cocktails (Vesta's Brew, Rum Old Fashioned, The Hot Toddy Shot) and new appetizers (Crab Tostada, Tacos El Pastor, Polenta Red Pepper Stackers, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers).

We are still open 7 days a week, 11am to last call at 9pm.  The stills are not quite fired up yet, hopefully before Christmas. Photos of the Distilling area coming soon.  Happy Holidays!!!