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Bar Feature: Good Neighbors and Wild Goose Meeting Houses

Some neighborhood venues defy definition, blurring the lines between categories as they set out to fill a niche in the community. Good Neighbors and Wild Goose Meeting Houses of Colorado Springs do just that. The sister cafes offer everything from specialty coffee and great food to craft beer, cocktails, and wine—anything that helps facilitate any kind of getting together. And they feature Montanya rums.

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Rum on the Road: Salida, CO

Montanya Distillers makes its home at the end of the road in a mountain town, but the remote location doesn’t keep owner and CEO Karen Hoskin and her family from exploring the world. Her pursuit of quality spirits takes her from hidden gems in the Colorado Rockies to the busy streets of San Francisco and Miami. In this new blog series, we share some of Karen’s best finds.

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The Super Chocolata

This cocktail is called The Super Chocolata because it is made from several superfoods: raw cashews and raw cacao.  Adding Himalayan salt and coconut milk also add highly nutritious elements.  Why not give yourself a healthful boost during cocktail hour too? 

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Monthly Bartender Series - The Hornet

In our March Bartender Feature, we talk with Laura Banning of The Hornet in Denver, Colorado.

The Hornet was one of our very first bar/restaurant supporters in Denver when our distillery was just getting its start.  They have been committed to featuring our rums on their cocktail menu for YEARS and we couldn't be more full of appreciation for this amazing place. This year, Montanya Distillers celebrates our Tenth Anniversary and we will bring the party to Denver to host a party at The Hornet on May 20th.  Details to come, stay tuned!

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Monthly Bartender Feature - The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm

This month, Montanya Distillers highlights The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm, a farm-to-table restaurant and bar in Fort Collins.  Owner Jesse Doerffel describes the vision of what she and Chef Joel Navejas wanted to create as “elevated comfort.” This cozy, welcoming feeling comes across in all aspects of the space, and the experience is enhanced by the ‘Colorado Rustic’ food and exceptional cocktails. 

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