Employee Spotlight: Cheyenne Eisert


Cheyenne, a trained chef and culinary school graduate, comes to us during the summer, helping out in the Tasting Room and with many of our offsite catering events. Her connection to Montanya Distillers is a special one—her aunt Rose Reyes is our chef and the pair went to the Cook Street School of Culinary Arts in Denver, Colorado together. Fiery spirits and a passion for life must run in the family, because they bring both to Montanya. Cheyenne is currently headed to Brooklyn, pursing culinary and art opportunities, but we’re so thrilled she wants to return next summer.


California Roots

I grew up in Southern California for the first 18 years of my life and spent the last 6 years in the Sunset District of San Francisco. My aunt Rose lives in Crested Butte, and I’ve been visiting for many years. She introduced me to Montanya and Karen, and they offered me a job!

Cheyenne and her aunt, Rose Reyes, Montanya Distillers’ chef.

Cheyenne and her aunt, Rose Reyes, Montanya Distillers’ chef.

Biggest Inspiration

Definitely my aunt Rose. She has been my biggest support since day one. I feel like she is more of a best friend—from babysitting me and my sister when we were young, to us going to culinary school together. I wouldn’t be the strong, independent woman I am today without her.

A Love of Travel

Traveling is all I plan on focusing on for my 20s! My favorite place I’ve visited is either Lisbon or Berlin. They are both such creative cities that I’d want to live in one one day. My bucket list place to visit is the Philippines. I find it important for everyone to visit their roots of where their family came from. Plus, Filipino food is life, so I have to.


Faithful (Energetic?) Companion

I have a six-year old calico cat I got when I first moved to San Francisco. She’s very expressive and can parkour off walls, but I love her.

Favorite Day

Back in San Francisco my favorite thing on my days off would be to find the best Asian food spots and walk around the city for hours. Here in CB, I love focusing on my art, preparing a meal I’ve never made, or going on a run!

Original art by Cheyenne Eisert.

Original art by Cheyenne Eisert.



So many things. Cooking has always been in my life. My grandmother would always cook the best Filipino food for me as a kid. So that definitely inspired me to go to culinary school. I also love drawing. In my free time I practice with doodles, or make hand sewn bags of my original art. Music is also very important. It’s my form of therapy you could say. I started playing the bass about three years ago and one day hope to form a small band for fun!

Favorite Montanya Cocktail

Señorita, cause I love a little spice in my life.