In the Media: Cocktail Wonk

Montanya Distillers founder Karen Hoskin in front of a fermentation tank.

Founder and Owner Karen Hoskin sat down with Cocktail Wonk writer, Matt Pietrek, before the 2019 California Rum Festival. It’s always a treat for Karen when she gets to dive deep on the topics of premium American rum and Montanya Rums, and a treat for who get to partake. Even those of us who have been with Montanya the longest always learn something new! This conversation is no exception.

Karen and Matt talked about the identity of American rum, why Montanya Rums are low ester, distilling at altitude, where our materials and resources come from, Constellation Brand’s recent investment in the company and so many other things. You can read the whole conversation over on Cocktail Wonk. You’ll see that it’s a long one, and it is so worth the read!

(We’re also excited to share that Matt has a new book out, Minimalist Tiki: A Cocktail Wonk Look at Classic Libations and the Modern Tiki Vanguard. Congrats, Matt!)