Last Minute Ideas for the 4th of July

If you’re anything like we are at Montanya Distillers, you’ve known for a while that the 4th of July was coming. It’s hard to miss: The ads for 4th of July Barbecues and desserts. Red, white and blue everything in the stores. Not to mention roadside fireworks stands. And for us, the knowledge that some of the Tasting Room’s busiest weeks of the year are upon us.

And yet somehow, the 4th of July can still sneak up on you! Suddenly, the day is here, and you’re not as ready as you want to be.

We get so busy calling all hands on deck at the Tasting Room that we forget to plan celebrations of our own. If you can relate, here are a few last minute ideas for your 4th of July celebration, pulled from some of our favorite 2019 blog posts.

Because what’s more American than American made rum from American grown ingredients?


Prepare simple yet unexpected cocktails:

We love unexpected ingredients and pairings in our cocktails, whether that’s taking something traditional and giving it a twist or delivering something completely surprising. We also like simple—no need to add more busy to your day! Check out these fun twists on summer cocktails:

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by showing a little independence in your mixology?

Host a DIY rum tasting at your Barbecue

You don’t have to be a rum expert to impress your guests or your tastebuds. Whether you’re celebrating at home, at the lake, or in the mountains, picking up a few bottles of rum to try is a great way to learn about the spirit. As we shared in a blog post on How to Taste Rum, here are a few simple ways to host a tasting:

  • Sip without reading labels or worrying about what you should taste. There’s no pressure—it’s all about figuring out what you like best.

  • Use glassware instead of plastic. It’s better for the planet and elevates the flavors of the rum.

  • Remember that when it comes to tasting spirits, the second sip really lets the flavor shine.

You can learn more—and check out some tasting notes on Montanya Rums—in the original post: How to Taste Rum.

Ditch the trash from your Travel and your celebration

We’ve always felt that one way to show your love for your country, your community and your environment is to take care of them. So it’s kind of cool that July not only brings Independence Day, but also a new effort called Plastic Free July—a call to eliminate as much plastic as possible from your daily life for one month. Why not start with the 4th of July? Here are a few of our tried and true methods for using less plastic and single-use trash:

Still looking for more? Don’t forget that we share a lot of our recipes (including zero-proof cocktails) in our recipe gallery.