WooHoo! Inspections passed and Certificate of Occupancy in hand!

APRIL 17th, 2012:  Yesterday, our Certificate of Occupancy (which returns the historic Powerhouse to its hallowed status as a factory!) was hand delivered with a happy handshake by the head of Crested Butte's Building Department Bob Gillie. 

This simple slip of paper represents that all of our inspections have been passed and our compliance is 100% DONE! The Powerhouse is officially a working Distillery! 

Today, with glee, we started fermentations. 

And our Sidewalk Seating application was approved last night so there will be rum cocktails on the street side of Elk this summer! And more outside seating hopefully to come in 2012.

So now that we have run ourselves out of capital and credit line, we need everyone to come out for COCKTAILS! 

:) Life is good.

Karen & Brice

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