Fun Email from a Liquor Store Owner

December 22, 2011: "To all of you that provided the incredible collection of Colorado Spirits I had the great honor of pouring at the Edible Aspen Event at the St. Regis Hotel about 10 days ago, many thanks.  There were about 350 guests at the event and the room was packed.  Everyone that stopped by to sample with us was blown away by the quality and most of all the unique flavor profiles in each and every bottle. I only wish I could have offered bottles for sale.  There was a lot of interest particularly from those that were not residents of Aspen.  We handed out directions to the local liquor stores that carry your spirits as well as  your web addresses.

As for me the event was an epiphany of sorts in the sense that I had the opportunity to see individuals react to the different bottles.  Many of the guests discovered that they liked spirits other than what they normally consumed.  Wow that tastes different than what I expected was one of the common exclamations!  You know when I go to the big tasting events I go specifically to taste spirits so that I am on top of how products evolve and to sample the bottles I have the least experience with.  I rarely taste wines at these events …for me spirits get the least attention at retail yet their nuances cover a very broad range compared to beer and wine!  I hand sell every day in our store and I can assure all of you that your distilleries are at the top of my conversations with customers. 

Bravo …let me applaud your efforts, all of you operate at a level of excellence that is astounding.  It is so much different from the reactions I get sampling wine from Colorado and I honestly would not have known how to explain it if I had not had this opportunity to pour for you at Lisa Houston’s event.

Nevertheless, I am going to forward your contact info to Lisa and once again many thanks for participating!


Crossroads Wines and Spirits"


Karen HoskinComment