Sidecar Rum Cocktail Recipe


Glass: Coupe

In shaker:
3 oz Montanya Oro rum
Juice of a fresh orange
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Simple Syrup to taste (1/4 oz.). (We use organic sugar.)

Shake and strain into coupe or over ice, as preferred.


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The Sidecar is named for the motorcycle attachment where you might imagine a dog wearing goggles, ears flapping in the wind. (At least, we do.) The cocktail always feels like a throwback to us, straight to the Roaring Twenties, which is (according to Wikipedia) when it first appeared on menus. We love the classy feel, if not the gender politics, of the time. That’s why Founder and Owner Karen Hoskin has worked hard to introduce 21st Century values into the world of spirits. Like in this article from Toast, in which she weighs in on empowering female bartenders. (How’s that for a transition?)