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Rum on a mission

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

A Force for Good


We love rum. We love our planet and our community even more. We’re building an international rum company to be a force for good: To enable our staff to thrive. To help steward our community. To be an industry leader in all areas of sustainability and social responsibility. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.


Planet Before Profit

Recreation and the outdoors power our Colorado community. All we need to do is step out the front door and take in the view to remember our responsibility to care for this place and this planet.

That’s why our facilities are 100% wind powered, we offset carbon production, and our bottle supplier is certified Cradle to Cradle—among many other practices.


Making a Difference

Gender Diversity

Some people wonder if gender diversity is still an issue. Just ask our founder Karen, who’s been mistaken for an assistant, ignored in certain board rooms, and whose ability to drive a fork lift still surprises so many people. She’s made a point of creating opportunities for women and minorities.


Founder and owner Karen Hoskin regularly presents on environmental sustainability and gender diversity. Get to Know Karen


Taking Care of Our Own

Our people make the Montanya world go round. We work hard to pay higher than average wages, provide benefits and help them achieve life goals like buying homes.


Social responsibilty

Community Giving


In this day and age, defining community can be mind bending.

There’s the immediate community where we distill and age rum. There’s also the global community that we touch when we ship our rum, travel for work or play, or connect online.

Our philanthropic efforts reflect that reality.

Locally, we support organizations that work in the arts, outdoor recreation, cancer support, sexual assault prevention and food security (among others).

On a broader scale, we support two social entrepreneurship companies that actively work to reduce carbon emissions and pollution worldwide.

As with environmental sustainability, we always feel like we could do more and we’re constantly evolving our role in every community we touch.


The Ganesha Cookstove Project is working to provide Nepalese families with lightweight, efficient cookstoves.


Through sustainable production and community minded business practices, Montanya continues to raise the bar as a true industry leader. It’s not only exceptional rum; it’s exceptional rum with heart.
— Christy Howery, ADI

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