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WHY YOU SHOULD TRUST HIM: I grew up skiing and snowboarding and fell in love with all of the outdoor activities that Crested Butte has to offer- and just the general vibe there. I moved to Crested Butte in 2009 and lived there for six years (Ryan is now living in Denver). Working in the ski and bike industry gave me plenty of opportunities to get out side and enjoy life on a budget, and I took full advantage! Read on for a local guide to Crested Butte.


1. Best Place to Grab Beers or an Evening Cocktail?

I’d recommend Montanya Distillers for a drink! It’s warm and quirky and the staff is super friendly. Try the Fiery Passion if you like a little spice and a little sweet!

2. Best Time to Visit Crested Butte?

Late January into February is always my favorite time. The snow is usually the best for skiing or snowboarding, you miss the holiday crowd, and all the restaurants and local shops are open and ready to go. If winter activities aren’t your thing, then mid-June is great. The weather is usually nice around that time, and you can enjoy all of the flowers and trails around the area. Plus, you’ll avoid the insanity of the Fourth Of July crowds.

3. Favorite Hike?

Green Lake. It’s a moderate to strenuous hike, depending on your physical shape and how you handle the altitude. The trail begins right in town and leads you to an amazing alpine lake with beautiful views of the Butte and surrounding area.

4. Your Recommended Sunny Day Agenda in the Winter?

Wake up and grab a greasy sandwich from the Gas Cafe (yes, it is located in a gas station but the breakfast sandwiches are amazing!) Head up to Crested Butte Mountain Resort and ski around East River and Paradise (or in the Terrain Park if you like that sort of thing). Midday, grab a Bacon Bloody Mary from Paradise Warming Hut, then head back out for more laps. Once you’ve had your fill, return to town to hang out on the patio at the Brick Oven until the shade hits and it’s time to move inside.

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Karen HoskinWinter 2019