Montanya Rum Review

By Eric Twardzik Mar 12, 2018

Rum isn’t often associated with the Rocky Mountains, but the Crested Butte, Colorado-based Montanya Distillers is taking a pass at changing that. Led by owner and distiller Karen Hoskin, Montanya produces three rums—a silver rum, a dark rum, and a limited edition expression that is finished in port barrels. All are made with sugarcane from a family-owned mill in Louisiana.

Montanya Platino Rum

Montanya’s white rum gets a year in American white oak barrels that previously held Colorado whiskey and Montoya Oro rum. Before bottling, the spirit undergoes a coconut husk-filtration, resulting in its clear appearance.

Its nose has a distinctly grassy note, accompanied by dark, brown sugar. From the first sip, it feels cool with a silky, creamy texture, and begins with a subtle, grassy flavor. From there it picks up sweetness, taking on coconut and a flavor remarkably like cream soda as some moderate heat emerges. The increasing, but never powerful, heat reaches its high mark at the end of the palate as a dark, toasty, caramelized sugar moves in for the finish. It’s played off by a peppery burst of spice that remains moderate but dances on the tongue with a peculiarly strong (and enjoyable) intensity.

Montanya Platino is an excellent sipping rum that manages to be sweet while offering complex, nuanced flavors and a diverse range of textures and sensations on the palate.

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