What’ll It Be, Cowboy? The Perfect Booze for Your ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Binge

Rockstar Games’ newest title, Red Dead Redemption 2 — the next installment in the series and the first since 2010’s Red Dead Redemption — is a masterpiece of a game. From the 60 hours of storyline gameplay to the open world that reacts to you as much as you react to it to the fact that you can spend as much time as you want doing nothing more than petting street dogs, there is something for everyone who has ever picked up a video game controller at least once in their life.

Over the course of the story, the protagonist, Arthur Morgan, travels through disease-ridden swamps, snowy mountain passes, and dusty Western towns, all in the name of justice — or, depending on how you play the game, a lawless pursuit of animal pelts and headshots.

Morgan also (as we can only assume all cowboys did) downs a lot of alcohol. Why wouldn’t he? If he’s not on the run from the Pinkertons, then he’s more than likely camped out in a place where at any moment he could be eaten by a bear (while Morgan probably doesn’t need this guide, you do). If we had to deal with that, we’d drink too.

The availability of alcohol in the game is impressive, considering how far some of the types of spirits would have to travel to make it to the Wild West. Morgan has no shortage of options for boozing. He can drink Kentucky bourbon, fine brandy, gin, Guarma rum, or aged pirate rum. He can also concoct potent bitters, which basically gives him everything he needs to make a whole slew of drinks, should he ever decide to quit the gang life and head down the straight and narrow.

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Karen HoskinWinter 2019