7 Holiday Pitcher Cocktails Sure to Impress Your Guests (And some of these drinks can warm you up for the winter!)

Our grandparents’ generation knew how to throw a party. Whether it was for Bridge club, neighborhood weenie roasts, or holiday gatherings, they put guests at ease with a warm welcome - and a cold drink. Yes, no matter what the occasion, guests were greeted at the door with the host’s #1 most important question: “What can I get you to drink?” These pitcher cocktails are the answer to that question.

What’s a pitcher cocktail?

There are cocktails you have to mix/shake one or two at a time – which are fine for smaller gatherings, but become burdensome when serving larger groups. Pitcher cocktails are the answer, because you can mix them up to a day in advance and let your guests serve themselves.

Host Tip: When offering pitcher cocktails, make one that’s on the sweet side (vodka, rum), one that’s spirit-forward (gin, bourbon, whiskey, brandy), and include a mocktail – which will cover almost everyone’s preferences.

Karen HoskinWinter 2019