Taking Sustainability Deep


By Karen Hoskin 
November 5, 2018

In this day and age of jargon and dubious news, we hear terms such as green, sustainable, carbon footprint, renewable and eco-friendly daily. We rarely share a definition for these terms. A company might implement one sustainability practice and then call themselves a green company. Another company may go deep with hundreds of eco-friendly practices in every aspect of their work, and nobody ever hears about it.

We have also entered an era of deceptive claims of eco-integrity. This is similar to the “craft-washing” by bigger brands that want the cachet of small and authentic in the craft-spirits industry. Achieving true environmental sustainability is very challenging, even for the most committed entrepreneurs.

In the craft-spirits space, distilleries have many channels of business to consider for eco-aware practices. This includes distilling, bottling, warehousing, wholesale sales, sales rep travel and distributor interface. It also includes logo merchandise, point of sale builds and marketing. Then you also have the tasting room, bar and restaurant operations. Once we begin “greening” ourselves, it can become intimidating to take the ethos deep. For companies who do, the impostors are a constant source of irritation.

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Karen HoskinWinter 2019