HOMEGROWN Tour Guide: Crested Butte, Part 2

Crested Butte sits amidst the Elk Mountains of Colorado, at the end of a valley where athletic pursuits and culture inspired by the surrounding natural beauty have become the passion of a community.

The story of mining town turned ski town has played itself out amongst many of the mountain towns in Colorado. Each has its unique character. Crested Butte has maintained a sense of authenticity through the years that reflects its blue-collar mining and ranching roots, the evolution of freeride snow sports and mountain biking, and the community’s appreciation of the surrounding public land.

My own story as a skier, coach, painter, and waiter is just one of many in the Crested Butte community. All of our stories are linked by the fact that once you choose to live this life in a place you can ski over 120 days a year, ride epic singletrack from your front door, fish world-class waters, hike or horseback ride in pristine wilderness, or kayak spring runoff, you find out you actually aren’t that different from the next person you run into on the chairlift, trail, or Elk Avenue.

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Karen HoskinSummer 2017