The World’s 10 Most Obscure Places to Celebrate New Years

Vegas? Check…like too many times to count. Times Square? Froze to death, but been there. Miami? Yeah, yeah. So, you’ve done the standard NYE thing. Good for you, but it’s time to upgrade your New Year’s Eve game. Because, let’s face it—New Year’s Eve can be underwhelming. Dinner is super expensive, club lines are annoyingly long and wherever you end up, you’re usually forced to sport one of those cheesy hats. 

This year, switch it up and go for the off-the-beaten party path. How about being the first in the world to see a 2017 sunrise in New Zealand, dancing like a banshee by the light of a huge bonfire in Iceland or skulking in a Savannah cemetery? 

Skip the obvious destinations this year and try something new at one of these hidden hotspots around the world. 

Instead of Aspen, try…
Although Aspen is chic, Crested Butte is funky cool. And the party is huge here. On mountain, skiers swish by holding torches as fireworks light up the night sky. Grab a seat at Butte 66 for the best views. In town, check out Montanya Distillery for craft cocktails and live local music. For some serious late night dancing, check out the The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin for a masquerade party and Talk of the Town.

Karen HoskinWinter 2017