Still on the Hill Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival hosts events beginning Oct. 21

When the Still on the Hill Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival was created, the town’s local distillery was still in its infancy. With hopes of bringing more awareness to the craft spirits movement — as well bring more off-season business to the town — the festival was a way to shine a light on Breckenridge Distillery. Now, the festival is in its seventh year and the distillery has become a dominant player in the industry. From its beginnings making only bourbon and vodka and hosting guests in a small tasting room, it now distributes 12 or 13 different year-round products to 45-plus states with plans to go international by the end of the year, according to Grace Gabree, marketing coordinator for Breckenridge Distillery. It also has a brand-new restaurant and bar currently in the works, with production expansion plans in place.

Karen HoskinSummer 2016