America's Coolest Distilleries to Tour on Your Next Trip

Although Prohibition put a damper on America’s ability to drink in the 1920s and 1930s, the recent emergence of craft distilleries has put drinking spirits back on the map. We searched high and low to find the coolest distilleries across the country to sip top-notch beverages. The distilleries on our list pride themselves on using organic and locally-sourced (when possible) ingredients to produce high-quality spirits ranging from classic whiskies to off-the-wall flavoured vodkas. Each can be savoured in the form of a tasting flight or mixed into a craft cocktail. No matter what you order, there’s nothing like tasting spirits straight from their source.


Named after the region of North Carolina where it’s located, Broadslab Distillery has been producing stellar moonshine, whiskey and rum for over five generations. The recipes have withstood the test of time and have been passed down year after year since before Prohibition. Better yet, they use the sweet, food grade white corn harvested on their own farm as a key ingredient. Tour the facilities, learn the history of each handcrafted product, try a sample and take home a free shot glass when you visit.

Karen HoskinSummer 2016