5 Things to Know about Dstill

While Colorado has long been known as a craft beer hub, over the past several years, it’s become fertile ground for small-batch distilleries, too. “Colorado has jumped from something like 30 distilleries to more than 50,” says Chuck Sullivan. Sullivan launched Dstill four years ago with two of Colorado's earliest champions of craft distilling, Rob Masters, founder of Rob's Mountain Gin and former president of the Colorado Distillers Guild, and Moose Koons of Peach Street Distillers and Rocky Mountain Soda Co..

The spirits-centered festival, which takes place September 21 through 24, is an overall showcase and celebration of those American craft spirits. And nowhere else will you find quite the breadth of talent (and, um, booze) than at this multifaceted event, which is now in its fourth year. Whether you’ve attended in the past or are new to DStill, here are five things to know about this year’s event.

Karen HoskinSummer 2016