5 American Rums to Drink Now

Rum is synonymous with the Caribbean, evoking visions of tropical beaches and island breezes. After all, the hot, sunny climate of spots like Jamaica, Guatemala and Cuba is as perfect for growing the sugar cane required for making rum as it is for sipping a mojito.
But while the Caribbean is undoubtedly an ideal location for producing rum, it’s not the only region to consider when searching for a quality bottle. For something different, consider starting right here in the USA. America has been producing rum since colonial times, though the spirit has been often overshadowed by spirits like whiskey and gin.

That doesn’t erase its history though. And these days, craft distilleries from Colorado to Florida are churning out some fantastic, complex and flavorful rums. The past few years has seen a boom in American made rum, all the way down to the sugarcane, typically grown stateside in Louisiana or Florida. The quality of these rums is rising to match the standard of some of the best American-made liquors on the market, and they can hold their own with their Caribbean competition.

Karen HoskinSummer 2016