Review: Montanya Platino Rum

Montanya Platino Rum is one of three rums crafted in Crested Butte Colorado at an elevation of 8909 feet.  Karen and Brice Hoskin founded the company in 2008, and on January 1 2016 the distillery and tasting room became 100% wind powered.  The other rums include Oro a 1 year old gold rum, and Exclusiva a 3 year old double barrel rum that is only available in Colorado.  Montanya Platino is crafted with non GMO sugar cane grown at the Lula Sugar Farm in Belle Rose Louisiana and pure mountain spring water.  Champaign yeast is added and the rum is fermented for 7 days and then distilled in a 100 gallon all copper Alembic pot still imported from Portugal.  The rum is aged for 1 year in American white oak barrels previously used to age Stranahan’s Whiskey for 2-5 years and then Montanya Oro Rum for 1 year.  The rum is filtered through coconut husk charcoal filter to remove the color.  A touch of Colorado Rocky Mountain honey is added before it is hand bottled. The aroma is vanilla, coconut, and cane sugar with an oak backing.  The sweet vanilla and sugar cane entry is joined by honey and coconut flavor building to a cream soda peak.  It fades with a peppery sting with oak, caramel and molasses flavor.  The finish is smooth, crisp, and semi dry leaving a mild sting with banana and cardamom taste.  This is a very clean and flavorful rum.  Who said white rum is too harsh to be sipped and savored.

Karen HoskinWinter 2016