Like many Colorado towns, Crested Butte was once a coal mining town. Unlike many of those former mining towns, Crested Butte citizens have battled big mining companies for almost 40 years to protect Mt. Emmons – the Red Lady – from being mined. Even though our population is small, this town packs a big punch. When it comes to our way of life and the vast beauty that surrounds us, endless mountains to look at and unprecedented open space to adventure in, we are serious about keeping this town a recreation community first.

When I tell people I live in Crested Butte, most people comment on how hard it is to get here. I feel it is neither good nor bad that people think or feel this way. Good, because locals love the intimate, no-lift-lines slow-paced vibe; after all, there is good reason it is considered “The Last Great Colorado Ski Town“. Bad, because like all resort towns, we need visitors to keep our amazing businesses alive and kicking. Locals alone cannot support the economy, and tourism is our bread and butter.