Top Mountain Bars’ Best Après Ski Cocktails—and How to Make ’Em

The après ski scene has always been an integral part of your ski vacation. You hit the slopes for hours on end, cascading down the hill, trail by trail in search of the freshest powder. How should a day of epic shredding end? Bellying up to the nearest ski bar, of course, gathering with friends and family, recounting the day’s adventures with monumental narratives that would put a Warren Miller movie to shame.

For years these legendary tales have been accompanied by the après ski libation of choice, beer. It is the perfect refreshing beverage to quench your thirst after a day on the slopes, and help you remember crucial details in your mountain stories like the eight feet of air you got off a hit that was really only about eight inches. However, recently there is a new trend developing in the après ski scene. One that can make your stories even more legendary, and that is après ski cocktails.

Karen HoskinWinter 2016