Colorado Rum maker distills plan for cheap, light, indoor cookstoves

CRESTED BUTTE — It worked for sleds. It worked for rum. Now Brice Hoskin is hoping his entrepreneurial flair works for cook stoves.

But he’s not in it for the money. Hoskin is hoping his latest invention — a hyper-efficient, collapsible steel stove that burns just about anything and could be made for as little as a $1 — will help millions of the world’s poorest people. 

“I’m trying to prove a point. This doesn’t have to be a $30 stove. You can create something that works well for much, much less. It’s a pragmatic approach that makes sense,” said Hoskin, who, with wife Karen, runs Montanya Rum distillery in Crested Butte and recently sold their successful Mountain Boy Sledworks operation.

Karen HoskinWinter 2016