Montanya Distillers is distributed in about 42 states and 7 countries overseas. We are still a very small brand and we are still gaining presence so you may not find us on the shelf when you look. If you are a Montanya fan and you don't see our product at your favorite bar, restaurant or liquor store, the best thing to do is request it and ask them to order it from the distributor listed below for their state. We are here to help if you don't get the answer you are looking for! Their owner or buyer can find the product with these fine distributors and State Liquor Control Boards.  


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Young’s Market
(and probably available in your BevMo Store!) 

Young's Market
(and probably available in your BevMo Store!)  

Republic National Distributing Company
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All 17 control states have Montanya on special order status. See list below. Bartenders and buyers can just place an order with the liquor control division and they will place an order directly with us. Yes, it can take longer. If you need pricing information in advance, call 970-799-3206 ext. 1.

Republic National Distributing Company

Republic National Distributing Company 

Young's Market Company


Available in Illinois with BigFish:



Standard Beverage Distributors

Republic National Distributing Company


NEW ENGLAND (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)
Horizon Beverage/Origin Craft Spirits
(and available in Kappy's, Yankee Spirits, and Table & Vine stores) 
Available in many New Hampshire State Liquor Stores

Breakthru Beverage
(and available at most Lee's Discount Liquor Stores) 

VOS Selections

VOS Selections

Cask and Cork

Cask and Cork

Aleskey's Imports

Republic National Distributing Company
(Available at many Spec's and Goody-Goody stores!)  


Canada:  Icon Wines and Spirits
European Union/UK and beyond: A & S International
For more information about international availability, please contact us

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Please let us know by email ( where you are looking for Montanya Rum, how we can help, and we will do our best to connect you with a retailer, bar or restaurant.


The control or monopoly jurisdictions as of June 2015 are:

  1. Alabama (Liquor stores are state-run or on-premise establishments with a special off-premise license.)[3]

  2. Idaho (Maintains a monopoly over sales of beverages with greater than 16% ABV.)

  3. Iowa (Does not operate retail outlets. Passed a bill in March 2010, allowing high-proof beer to be privately distributed.)[4]

  4. Maine (State-contracted to private businesses for commission)

  5. Maryland (Under state law the counties of Montgomery, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester are county alcohol controlled which mandates that off-premise liquor sales are to be conducted only at county owned and operated dispensaries/stores. One exception exists in Montgomery County, four grocery stores had their licenses grandfathered prior to the change of the law.[5] Until recently Dorchester County was an alcohol control county until the County Council voted to permanently shutter the county owned liquor dispensaries.)

  6. Michigan (Does not operate retail outlets; maintains a monopoly over wholesaling of distilled spirits only.)

  7. Mississippi (State-contracted liquor stores)

  8. Montana (State-contracted liquor stores, modeled after the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission)[6]

  9. New Hampshire (Beer and wine can be sold at supermarkets & convenience stores; spirits and liqueurs are sold only in state-run liquor stores.)

  10. North Carolina (Beer and wine can be sold in supermarkets and convenience stores; other spirits must be sold in liquor stores owned by local ABC boards. The State ABC Commission controls wholesale distribution and oversees local ABC boards.)

  11. Ohio (Appoints businesses to sell liquor, as agents of the state, for a commission; these stores have a monopoly on sales of beverages with an alcohol content equal to or greater than 21.5% ABV [43 proof]. Beer, wine, mixed alcoholic beverages, and "low proof" alcohol are sold by the aforementioned contract liquor agencies as well as by businesses [bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and gasoline/convenience store retailers] which have been issued an annual permit to sell. Privileges [such as sale for carryout only or for consumption on the premises] and hours during which sales are allowed are dependent on the terms of the permit.)

  12. Oregon (Beer and wine can be sold in supermarkets and convenience stores; other spirits must be sold in liquor stores operated and managed by state-appointed liquor agents who act as independent contractors under the supervision of the OLCC.)

  13. Pennsylvania (All liquor stores [wine and spirits] are run by the state. Recently, there have been state-run retail outlets in the form of automated kiosks, opened inside some supermarkets; currently, 19 supermarkets have this.[7] Malt beverages are sold in case lots by distributors and in smaller quantities by on-premise establishments.)

  14. Utah (all beverages over 3.2% ABW [4.0% ABV] are sold in state-run stores, Utah code 5(a)(i))[8]

  15. Vermont (Liquor stores are state-contracted and licensed)

  16. Virginia (Beer and wine ≤14% ABV sold at supermarkets and convenience stores; all liquor stores are run by the state)

  17. West Virginia (Does not operate retail outlets; maintains a monopoly over wholesaling of distilled spirits only.)

  18. Wyoming (Does not operate retail outlets)

Several Municipalities in Minnesota and South Dakota are also control jurisdictions, where the revenue generated from alcohol sales goes directly to the municipality.

About one-quarter of the United States population lives in control or monopoly states.