White Room Rum Cocktail Recipe

White Room Rum Cocktail made with Vanilla Rum.

White Room Rum Cocktail made with Vanilla Rum.

Karen created this recipe for a friend’s wedding, inspired by those unforgettable powder days when the snow flies so thick you can hardly see. After adding it to the Tasting Room menu, it wasn’t long until customers started ordering ahead to order doubles. Definitely a local favorite!

Glass: Martini tall Collins

In a shaker with ice:
1.75 oz Vanilla-Infused Montanya Platino rum
1.25 oz Montanya Oro rum
2 oz half and half
.5 oz Simple Syrup
.25 oz Giffard Orgeat

Garnish with a pinch of almond bits, powdered cinnamon and a crushed almond rim.

Vanilla Infusion:
Place 1 or 2 long pods of Madagascar Vanilla Bean into 1 bottle of Montanya Platino Rum. Infuse indefinitely.


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While the Creamsicle isn’t quite a replica of the White Room, it hits the spot in a similar way when you’re looking for something zero-proof. Half & half, simple syrup, and that childhood favorite we all need to revisit sometimes, a dollop of whipped cream.