Hoser Rum Cocktail Recipe


Glass: Rocks
Served hot or cold. For cold, fill glass with ice.

1 Lemon, squeezed
.5-.75 oz Maple Syrup (to taste)
2.5 oz Montanya Oro rum

Shake and strain. For cold version, pour over king cube ice.

For hot version, heat in microwave for 1 min or less (depending on power of microwave).


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Sometimes the best cocktails are made with the simplest ingredients. We feel the same way about rum. Montanya Rums are made with Louisiana-grown sugar cane, yeast and Colorado mountain water. They’re bottled with a teeny, tiny touch of Colorado honey (less than .04% of every bottle) because the acidity brings out the natural flavors of the rum. And that’s it. Learn more about our American rums.