Hemingway Daiquiri Rum Cocktail Recipe


The classic daiquiri is, in all its forms, one of founder and owner Karen Hoskin’s favorite cocktails on earth. (No small proclamation since her passion for artisan cocktails began in 1986.) This variation has become a popular one in the Tasting Room:

Glass: Coupe

In shaker on ice:
½ squeezed lime
¾ oz Luxardo or Leopold Brother's Maraschino Liqueur
¾ oz Grapefruit
¼ oz Simple Syrup
1.75 oz Montanya Platino rum

Strain and garnish with lime wheel.

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A lot of people think that the Montanya Platino rum isn’t aged because it’s a white rum. In fact, all Montanya Rums are aged. We simply use a coconut husk carbon filter to remove the color from the Platino. Want to know more? Read up on how we distill.