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Ryan Flores - Fat Bike World Championship Event

  • Montanya Distillers 212 Elk Ave. Crested Butte, CO 81224 USA (map)

It was a time of freedom, Rock ‘n’ Roll, polyester shirts, tight pants, steel bumpers, payphones, arcades, primitive computers, cassette tapes, boomboxes, VHS, space probes, mullets, mousse, warm hearts, hot rods and cold war. It was an age of innocence and as the ink was still drying on the marriage license, a couple of mixed heritage on the California coast saw their first born. A spirited lad full of passion and an irrepressible independence, Ryan Flores became what is known today as a “problem child” whose “ADD” required “special needs.”

After a disreputable pedagogic career Ryan finally found something to temper his listless ennui: a tattered nylon string guitar. After a summer of taking out his aggression on the defenseless instrument he began torturing his college roommate with maudlin love songs set perfectly against the backdrop of his inscrutable teenage angst and lack of experience. Myriad instruments, songs, colleges, roommates and experiences later, Ryan discovered that music was his primary form of sustenance— the only thing that kept meat on his bones, as it were. It took some time (and hundreds of hours in wasted college credits) but Mr. Flores finally realized that he could not attain any measure of success or fulfillment unless he devoted his life to torturing a broader audience with said music. And thus, here began the creative calling of this rambunctious individual.

Montanya Distillers feels that Ryan Flores plays a virtuoso style of flamenco guitar and gypsy tango.  He sings in several languages and has an incredibly original sound.  

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