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Timber! Bluegrass

Timber!, a highly energetic bluegrass band from Boulder, CO, consists of Travis "Watermelon Hat Guy" on bass, Erik "Ginger McGee" Gustafson on guitar, Caitlin "Thanks, I like to play" Anderson on fiddle, and Chad "Sweet Hair" Martens on mandolin.

"We had nothing in common but the desire to play music, preferably in exchange for beer and whiskey. Oh and the fact that we all lived in Boulder." 

-Caitlin Anderson

In the Spring of 2013, an unlikely trio decided to form a band. They were together at the Twisted Pine bluegrass pick and Travis Lawson stood with his bass and told Erik Gustafson, guitar player, that the best way to meet the ladies was to be in a band. And therefore the notion was born. Upon further discussion Travis suggested they add a fiddle player, and James agreed that "What's her face" could make a positive addition. Thus Caitlin Anderson, fiddle player, was invited to Timber!

While each member of Timber! had very different musical backgrounds, they found that they truly enjoyed the combination. Erik's songwriting and more jamgrassy history opened them to another style of song. Caitlin added a classical element, and tried to stop calling her fiddle a violin, and Travis brought pure style. They began performing around Boulder, mostly at BBQ venues, and built a strong repertoire.

However one thing was missing. A mandolin! Luckily, they convinced their friend Chad Martens to join the band, and then Timber! was five. With this combination of bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle, Timber! now plays everything from BBQ joints to breweries to beer festivals around the greater Boulder and Denver area. They have a propensity for fastass bluegrass and almost unnatural amounts of energy that will be sure to have you dancin' everywhere.

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