Employee Spotlight: Polly McGrane

We love doing staff profiles because we always learn something new about our employees. Polly McGrane is no exception. She’s a bartender and server at Montanya Distillers, and as Founder Karen Hoskin will tell you, we’ve never worked with someone as consistently smiley and upbeat as Polly. It never feels forced or contrived, just as if every single day is filled with joyfulness. It makes her a true joy to work with and she lifts everyone else up alongside her.  

"Why not live each day as if it were your first—all raw astonishment, Eve rubbing her eyes awake that first morning, the sun coming up like an ingénue in the east."

—Linda Pastan, 1932, from the poem “Imaginary Conversation”


Finding Her Way to Crested Butte

I am from Ft. Collins, CO, born and raised, and Western State got me to the Gunnison Valley. I eventually moved up to CB my last year in school. I have worked at several of the restaurants around town and have always wanted to work for Montanya Distillers. Finally, after bartending for several years, I felt qualified enough to make the fancy cocktails. Here I am now and love every day I come to work!


Out of the “Office”

I love skiing! I am on the mountain every day, either coaching the local rippers or sessioning fun hits around the mountain with my friends.  In the summer I enjoy running the trails around the valley.  If I end up having a full day off, I will do long runs to Aspen or Marble. I do a shuttle for Aspen and then just a nice jaunt to Marble and back, ha!


Favorite Montanya Distillers Cocktail

The señorita! It’s not sweet and the perfect spice. I love the simplicity of it, and it’s easy to play with the ingredients and add strawberries or pineapple if I’m wanting a little sweetness.

Polly (right) and Gina sporting Montanya Distillers hats.

Polly (right) and Gina sporting Montanya Distillers hats.

One Thing You’d Never Guess Based on Polly’s Life Today

I did Irish dancing growing up for 11 years. I was able to go to Ireland and compete a few times and travel all over the U.S. for it. The only time I dance anymore is if someone pays me to bust a quick jig out on Saint Paddy’s Day, otherwise I won’t do it—ha ha!

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