Spotlight: PR Partner Jenny Foust

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Before finding her way to Montanya, Jenny Foust started out in the world of TV news. We’re grateful that her journey took her from producing the news to public relations because it brought her to our doorstep! Like Montanya owner and CEO Karen Hoskin, Jenny believes that business can do good in the world. As a PR specialist, she does a great job helping us share the Montanya story with rum lovers and the world. Here Jenny turns the spotlight on herself for a change and gives us a peek into what she does:

Finding Montanya

I first fell in love with Montanya when I came across the company in an article. I remember loving the heart behind the company and how it was a business truly working for the greater good and living out the triple bottom line where people and the planet are just as important as profits (often more important)! I reached out to Montanya to see if collaboration would be possible and over time, a friendship and partnership began. I have my own PR firm and have other clients, but I am proud to call Montanya Distillers one of my primary focuses.


Telling Montanya’s Story

I help tell Montanya's story, whether that's to journalists writing for Forbes, cocktail writers at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, bloggers, or industry writers. Montanya has an incredible story that is authentic and unique, and it’s an honor to help more people learn about all it’s doing through articles they may read or podcasts they may listen to. I also help with Montanya's Instagram feed and newsletter, providing a behind-the-scenes look into the heart of Montanya while also sharing fun recipes people can try at home.   

Jenny Foust and her family.

Jenny Foust and her family.



Career Path

I first started in TV news and was a producer for about four years. Then I moved back home to Colorado where I worked for a PR agency for about 11 years. That’s where I first started working for Montanya. Looking for a greater balance, I transitioned away from agency life and started freelancing while continuing to work for Montanya. I've been incredibly fortunate because most of my time spent in PR has been with companies that strive to make the world a better place. There’s no better feeling than promoting companies that really are as good on the inside as they appear on the outside.


Outside of the Office


I own my own company called Love Justly ( It's a passion project of the heart that introduces people to ethical fashion by providing artisan-made clothing and accessories at a discount. I’m also the mom of two girls, who bring tremendous joy and also keep me quite busy. As I have time, I always love reading books that challenge my thinking and open my world-view. I also try to enjoy the beauty of Colorado as much as possible by hiking or skiing with my family.


A Well-kept Secret

My biggest dream growing up was to be a TV anchor/reporter. I soon discovered I enjoyed behind the scenes better than being on camera, but for about a year I did work as a reporter and so have some dusty tapes of my time on TV. : )

(Editor’s Note: We did ask for photographic evidence from Jenny’s reporter days, but were informed that it has mysteriously disappeared!)