Monthly Bartender Series - Flip Side in Breckenridge

In our July Bartender Feature, we talk with John Culbert of Flip Side in Breckenridge, Colorado.


Title: Bar Manager
Years Bartending: 8

How do you use Montanya Rum in your bar program?
This summer, Montanya Rum is being used to create a simple twist on a classic cocktail that has grown immensely in popularity over the last several years: the Moscow Mule. First we muddle a sprig of mint, then take Montanya Platino Rum mixed with ginger beer, a bit of freshly-made strawberry purée, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice to concoct the perfect refreshing summer cocktail.

What do you wish more people knew about bartenders who develop craft cocktails?
I wish more people knew how much passion we put into developing cocktails with all different spirits and into finding something that can appeal to a wide range of people. It is a process of playing with many different ingredients until you get that perfect combination of flavors that you are looking for. Also, if somebody isn’t into craft cocktails but they tell us a simple cocktail that they usually enjoy, it’s fun for us to create them something new and different to help bring them into the world of craft cocktails. Put your trust in us, and we can provide you with a memorable night of fun new drinks. 


What makes for a great night of bartending?
Some of my most memorable nights behind a bar come from when you have a full bar of engaging guests...people who are interactive with what’s going on with you behind the bar and with others sitting at the bar. It’s fun to get everyone engaged in the atmosphere and sometimes even leads to an exciting new cocktail.


What’s your favorite rum cocktail?
My personal favorite rum cocktail is the Mojito. It’s a fun drink to make, and there are just so many different directions you can take the cocktail. Anything from sweet to spicy to everything in between. You can play with all kinds of different syrups and flowers. A Mojito is a cocktail that can be made in so many different ways that there is one out there for everybody...even the person who is not a rum drinker.


What sets your bar program apart from all others?
Our restaurant is a gourmet burger joint, which uses Colorado grass-fed beef and sources local ingredients whenever possible. So we also try to carry that over to the bar program, hence the reason that Montanya Rum fits in so perfectly for us. We also do boozy milkshakes and offer a daily shake special. That makes for a whole new different type of fun. Trying to find new spirits that will taste great when they get combined with all different kinds of flavorful milkshakes is a fun process.

Montanya Rum Cocktail Recipe: Strawberry Mule

1.5 oz. Montanya Platino Rum
Muddled sprig of fresh mint
1 oz. fresh strawberry purée
1/2 lime, squeezed
Ginger beer