Monthly Bartender Series - The Farm Bistro

The Farm Bistro
34 W Main St
Cortez, CO

The Farm Bistro's Prickly Pear Mojito

The Farm Bistro's Prickly Pear Mojito


In this December bartender feature, we talk with Laurie Hall of The Farm Bistro in Cortez, Colorado. Since 2009, The Farm Bistro has been serving the best produce and meat from their back yard in Montezuma County. Their “comfort food with style” menu offers homemade (and award-winning!) simplicity in a warm and lively atmosphere. They have an all-Colorado beer, wine and spirits lounge, with a delicious prickly-pear Montanya cocktail. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in!

Carolyn Hunt, aka Martini Queenie

Carolyn Hunt, aka Martini Queenie


Carolyn Hunt, aka Martini Queenie, Manager, 12 years of experience
Favorite rum drink: Mojito

What’s your most memorable cocktail with Montanya Rum?
Fresh peach mojito and prickly pear mojito

What do you wish more people knew about bartenders who develop craft cocktails?
That we put our hearts and passion into developing them to "Wow" you!

What do you wish more people knew about rum in general or Montanya rum specifically?
That Colorado produces amazing products - especially rum!

What ingredient do you think is most exciting in rum cocktails, besides the rum itself? 
Locally grown fresh fruits, flowers and herbs. A local nursery, Cliffrose Garden Center, supplies us with plants for our tables and windows. Our fig tree produces enough figs to use in the restaurant, so Carolyn created a Fig Rumchata, featuring Montanya Rum. Delish!

What makes for a great night of bartending?
A bar full of local, happy guests who are loving their cocktails.

Share a story from one of your most memorable nights consuming craft cocktails with friends…
We have a lot of locals who really love our Colorado-based martinis and cocktails. (So much so that we created a "Frequent Martini Card" - try each of the 9 martinis on our menu and get a free one!) Last Halloween we had a big costume bash to introduce our martini menu. A very unique event in sleepy little Cortez!

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A sampling of The Farm Bistro's 9 martinis!

A sampling of The Farm Bistro's 9 martinis!