Montanya in NYC - get your LOADed Cocktail Passport!

In celebration of Women's History Month, Montanya has joined forces with Good Passports, Ladies of American Distillers (LOAD)Boozemenus.comTime Out and Yelp NYC to offer up the best cocktail-drinking deal of the year: 25 cocktails, 60 days, $37! Your participation will raise funds for Bottomless Closet and the Brooklyn Public Library.

All participating spirits are from companies where women are an integral part of production, marketing, or branding.

Details from the site:
"By purchasing a LOADed Cocktail Passport, you’ll get one cocktail, featuring one of the participating spirits brands, at every location. Each participating location will offer you the choice of at least 1 or 2 cocktails featuring a spirit from one of the brand sponsors. Some of the sponsored liquors are meant to be poured neat and in those cases, you will be offered it as such. Servings are based on 1.5 oz pours of selected spirit. You can use the passport on any day, at any time from March 10 through May 10, 2017."

All information, including participants, ticket purchasing, and pick-up details can be found by clicking on the image below or by visiting this link:

Now grab a friend or two, and get out there to celebrate the vital role women have played (and are playing!) in American History!