Employee Spotlight: Renee Newton

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Renee Newton joined our Montanya team in early 2013 and has been involved in almost every aspect of our operations in numerous positions over the years, including distilling, bottling, tasting and proofing rum, special events, tours, sales, as well as bartending and managing at the tasting room.

"Renee has been an essential partner to Brice and me over the years. She is full of grace and humor, and she has a fantastic singing voice!" Karen Hoskin

Renee grew up on the East Coast. After graduating from the University of North Carolina - Wilmington with a Biology degree, she desired a change of scenery. Renee chose to move somewhere with no humidity and minimal mosquitoes. She continued with her love of biology as a research assistant at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Gothic, CO, and a distiller at Montanya.  Renee has made some the rum that has achieved our highest awards, including the Platino that won "Best White Rum" at the World Rum Awards.


Recently, Renee and her partner Scott bought a house in Crested Butte and started their own fermented food company,  in addition to their other jobs. They make all things fermented including kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha and many other delicious and healthy foods. You can find some of their ferments on the ever changing food menu at Montanya.


Renee also recently adopted a 130-pound Great Dane/Mastiff named Kratos, who always makes her smile and keeps her on her toes! Living in Crested Butte, Colorado has allowed her to continue her love of all things outdoors, which now includes mountain biking and skiing, and to fall in love with the unspoiled beauty of an amazing mountain town.