Scott Bauer, Founder/owner
Butcher's Bistro
2233 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

We recently highlighted Snooze in our Mixology Series and now we’re introducing you to another downtown Denver favorite just across the street - Butcher’s Bistro. They are featuring a new rum punch with Montanya Platino that we got to try a few weeks ago and knew we needed to feature it! Butcher’s Bistro specializes in Colorado cuisine, locally sourcing meat from small farms across the state. They also offer an inventive cocktail menu of which we’re honored to be a part.

Scott Bauer started Butcher’s Bistro and shares how they come up with their cocktail menu and what’s in their latest rum punch creation.

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Photo of Scott Bauer, Westword Magazine

Scott Bauer
Founder/Owner of Butcher’s Bistro

How do you use Montanya Rum in your bar program? 

We just added a rum punch to our beverage menu. It has Montanya Platino, Smith & Cross, an orange pineapple shrub, orange juice, and orgeat.

What sets your bar program apart from others?

I’m not a bartender, I’m a chef by trade, so I spent 15 years running kitchens and I use that background to come up with new cocktails. A lot of our cocktails start out with some form of cooking, and cocktails are just a liquid form of cooking. We’re making our own bitters, orgeat, shrubs, syrups, and everything in them. Each cocktail we have on the menu is a collaboration of everyone that works here. Everyone is tasting, giving feedback to tweak, and ideas for the next thing. 

What do you like most about working with Colorado craft spirits?

There is a lot of fun stuff coming out of Colorado and my favorite part is building real relationships with the people that make our booze. Showing off the small distilleries to people from out of town is fun. We don’t even carry the big names so that we can show off the fun stuff being made in our backyard. We’re a butcher shop and restaurant and we get all of our meat from Colorado, so why not get our booze from here too.

Thoughts from Montanya Distillers:  We at Montanya are big fans of exceptional cuts of meats paired with delicious rum cocktails. You hear plenty about food pairings with wine, but so rarely with great artisan cocktails.  At our tasting room in Crested Butte, we pair cocktails with Colorado meats too, so Butcher's Bistro is a restaurant/bar concept after our hearts!  What a pleasure to be partnering with such high quality restauranteurs!  Thank you, Scott and crew.

The Rum Punch at Butcher's Bistro