Redesign Mastermind

Jared Jacob helps Montanya Distillers Transform Its Company Image

Change can be unsettling, but it can also lead to amazing things. After eight years of the same logo, packaging and brand design at Montanya Distillers, the company decided it was time for a substantial refresh. The challenge was to find someone who could fulfill their crazy wish list:

  • something different, but not too different

  • western, but not too western

  • modern, but also vintage

  • a design that would elevate our packaging, while still being approachable.

As you can see, the list with its inherent contradictions was a tall order for any designer.  Montanya Distillers interviewed design firms from Hollywood, San Francisco, New York, Denver and Ann Arbor. In the end, it was Jared Jacob of Sunday Lounge in tiny Salida, Colorado who captured their imagination and fancy amid all the heavy hitting firms they considered.  Jared took that crazy unattainable list and transformed it, wrangled it into the new Montanya logos, rum bottle packaging, and company brand image that the company is so proud of today.  As of April 2016, the new branding has finally reached into every element of the company and become an integral part of Montanya's personality.    

It was huge project and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the way it turned out. Jared truly nailed every single impossible objective we gave him. And we found this kind of calibre in our very own backyard! Keeping it local was a huge bonus for us. Jared’s subtle, quiet passion is evident in everything he designs.
— Karen Hoskin, President and Co-Owner

Jared Jacob

In addition to Montanya’s rebranding, Jared also does design work for Elevation Beer Company, which partnered with Montanya to create Montanya Horchata Imperial Porter, aged in Montanya’s rum barrels. You can check out his other designs here.

Montanya Distillers is in love with the new look and they hope you are too! (scroll down to see more images of the new Montanya rum branding.)

The new branding is now available on t-shirts, shot glasses, cocktail shakers, jiggers, hats, flasks, and more. Check out the company store!