A little window into the new website

A little window into the new website

Engraved Rocks Glasses with the Montanya Rum logo, available on line and at our Tasting Room.

As part of our complete company rebranding, it was time (okay, maybe it was past time) to roll out a brand new website.  We finally have created a Webstore too, just in time to launch TODAY on Black Friday and be there for your Cyber Monday shopping -  because we get so many requests to buy our merchandise by email.  

The website features the whole company's new look, new packaging of the rum, the new Montanya Exclusiva rum, tons of links and information about our company, our staff, the rums, our tasting room, cocktails, food, the new cocktail book, and the store!  Our entire social network is linked, and you can join our mailing list easily.  Our new events calendar will be up to date with live music and other goings-on so you can never miss a party or great band again.  You can even single click to add events to your own calendar.

Many people ask about recipes that we have created a searchable recipe page. We will be adding more recipes over the next few weeks. Many folks want to know how to find the rum, so we have worked hard to make it easier to find our distributors nationally and stores/bars/restaurants, at least in Colorado.  And the site is fabulously mobile for all your devices.   Check it out!