Where does our Sugar Cane come from???

All of Montanya's sugar cane is grown within an 81 square mile region by a co-op of 75 family farmers west of Lake Ponchatrain, 90 minutes outside of New Orleans.  This video is a travel journal from Montanya Distillers' President (Karen Hoskin) and Vice President (Brice Hoskin) and their recent trip to see the fields during harvest, to watch the milling of the non-GMO, family-grown sugar cane into the raw sugar which Montanya uses to make our rum.  We also spent time with the 6th generation family that owns the mill and owns much of the land upon which the cane is grown.    

It is actually very unusual to be able to buy natural, non-GMO, raw sugar before it is sent to the refinery and before it becomes part of the commodity market, which makes tracable sourcing harder to achieve.     

Here is a video about our sugar cane: