Montanya Distillers is excited to announce that we are moving our distillery and tasting room 1/2 a block down the road in Crested Butte.  212 Elk Avenue.  

We have managed to score ourselves one of the coolest buildings in Crested Butte.  We know that everyone thought our last building was very cool, and so did we.  But for a long laundry list of reasons, including our long term growth interests, it doesn't make sense for us to stay there.  Mainly, we discovered that this was a building we could never own (too expensive to buy, renovate and maintain) and because it is 150 years old, we dealt with a lot of little challenges daily. Plus the rent was going up steeply (20% with each renewal).  It was a fabulous two year run there, but we found ourselves ready for newer construction with all the benefits it brings.  

We will continue to have our bays in Riverland, 2 miles down the road, for aging, bottling, shipping and receiving, and we have secured the option to expand into the bay next door when it is time.  When we need to expand our distilling operation and add stills, we will do it in Riverland.

The new location can't be beat.  We are moving ourselves onto the downtown core block in Crested Butte.  The building is a perfect size, with gorgeous indoor and outdoor seating for our tasting room as well as a beautiful bar.  It has tons of light streaming in.  As the distillers among us will appreciate, it has a high tech fire suppression system,  floor drains, concrete floors, an alley behind for truck access, and space on site for a dumpster (none of which we had at 130 Elk Avenue.)  This building is also an architectural marvel (we seem to gravitate toward those) by CB architect Andrew Hadley with beautiful exposed beams and high ceilings.  :)

We could say so much more, but pictures speak louder.  Please visit the blog link above to get a very quick glimpse. The scale is hard to capture with a phone.  :)  Our lease doesn't start until November 15th, so it doesn't look like Montanya yet - our photographer will come in as soon as it is ready and we will share more photos.  We are currently closed to the public and moving out of the Powerhouse by Oct 31st.  We ramped up distilling for a period of time in advance of our move to assure that this month of transition won't cause us to get behind on production.  We plan to reopen to the public in early December.  Meanwhile, our rums are available in Crested Butte at Mountain Spirits, Acme Liquors, The Last Steep, The Wooden Nickel, The Ginger Cafe, The West Side Bistro, and many more local haunts in CB and Gunnison as well. There is a list on our website of all of our retail locations in the state of Colorado, and our distribution info nationwide.  

Feel free to spread the word.  We will undoubtedly overlook letting many people know directly, and for that we apologize in advance.