FUN News at Montanya Distillers - January 28th, 2013

It has been an exciting year at Montanya Distillers.  Not only did we grow 58.5% overall in 2012, but we also managed to put away more Oro and Platino rum than ever before into aging stock.  We began a Montanya Añejo rum which will be longer-aged than any rum we have aged/bottled before. We are not sure when it will be ready, but we'll let everyone know if and when we plan to bottle it.

We continue to enhance our distilling process for efficiency and quality.  Most recently, Brice Hoskin created a new heat exchange process by which we are able to use the spent wash from our stills to warm our fresh fermentations prior to distillation.  This means we use less heat to reach the temperatures needed to distill.  If you have visited our distillery, you will also have noticed the extent to which our stills, which run 6 days a week, provide heat for our Tasting Room and fermenters.  Just another way we are preserving natural resources every day at Montanya by capturing the heat in our process.

We have added two new webpages to our website: "BOOKING MONTANYA" is about how to reserve Montanya's Tasting Room and Distillery for special events, music, fundraisers, etc. We get a ton of requests for weddings and private parties, and this page helps to clarify what kinds of events are well suited to our space (and which are not).  The "UPCOMING EVENTS" page is about our 2013 national events schedule.  Check out where Karen and staff will be this year and what cool events we will be participating in here in CB and around the USA.  

We continue to pull in wonderful community members to help us on our bottling line!  Most recently, we have welcomed our friends Michael and Jen Brody of the Crested Butte Film Festival.  Not only are they a total blast, but they are fantastic help too!

We have a lot of great apres ski music coming up at Montanya in CB in February and March! The New Folk, Johnny Kongo Allstar Show, The Empty Bottle Blues Band, Bruce Hayes, Tony Rosario and more!  We'll keep you posted on Facebook and on tis blog as the final schedule comes together.  Join us!