After 2 and a half months of assessments ("How strong IS that floor?") and answers ("Strong enough to drive a car on!") and unexpected discoveries ("Why the heck are the kitchen doors wagging in a ghostly fashion?") and more answers ("Because the kitchen hood has no make up air!"), we are finally ready to start installing fermenters and stills in the Powerhouse!  

Luckily our distilling operation in Riverland has been working great in the interim, but we have always wanted the public to get a good look at what we do!  And the Powerhouse is begging to be a distillery, as we knew from the first day we laid eyes on it.  

So yesterday we laid out the design plan in tape on the floor.  Wednesday, we convene the engineers and building inspector for one more look over the CAD plans.  Then over the next month, you will start to see the sealed combustion still bases installed on a platform in the back part of the main room in the Powerhouse.  Once these are installed and tested, the stills will go on them, the fermenting tanks will be moved from Riverland, and more barrels will come in as well.  

These are exciting times.  Soon you will be able to come have a seat at our Distillers Bar and watch all the action.  



Karen Hoskin2 Comments